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SERVICES > Management Consultancy > ISA AS (Information Systems Audit & Advisory Services) & Technology Consultancy

Services offered include:

  • Application Review:
    Application system controls are mechanisms and procedures designed and incorporated within every application system to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness of data processing. A review of the application software ensures that it contains adequate controls required to meet the business requirements for accuracy, comprehensiveness of processing, availability and security of information.
  • General Controls Review:
    General Controls seek assurance on the reasonableness of the controls built in the procedures and practices of IS management. A controls review is undertaken as a part of large audit assignments as the risk arising from systems needs to be evaluated in the course of forming an audit opinion on the financial statements.
  • General Consulting:
    General technology related consulting assignments, where the Firms focus remains in general management consulting where however a technological background is indispensable; providing related business advisory services; project monitoring services.

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