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SERVICES > Management Consultancy > Corporate Support Services

The Firm maintains a dedicated team of accountants headed by senior professionals and partners for rendering Corporate Support Services. These including the following key areas of support and consulting:

Incubation, Management Support

  • Entity Holding:
    Maintaining a Registered Office; Appointing a authorized signatory for bank accounts and power of attorney for signing documents; storage of accounting records; Organising Insurance; handling inward & outward mail, providing e-mail ID ensuring privacy and confidentiality; assistance in locating office, factory or residential premises and related legal documentation.
  • Budgetary and Management Control:
    Preparation of Revenue and Capital Budgets, monthly cash flow statements; periodic "Management Information Statements"; compliance with the corporate policies.
  • Registration with Government Departments:
    Provident Fund ; Software Technology Parks of India ( STPI); Professional Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise & Customs etc.

Book-keeping and Accounting:
Verification of invoices and releasing payments; Preparation of cash / bank vouchers and cheques; running an accounting package, generation of ledgers and their scrutiny; Preparation of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account in accordance with the Indian GAAP; Co-ordinating with auditors'.

Banking & Regulatory Compliance:
Co-ordinating with bankers; issuance of the Foreign Inward Remittance Certificates; alerting on investment of surplus funds or repatriation of funds; Minimizing exchange risk; administering withholding tax on payments to vendors, employee; Filing of various statutory returns with authorities.

Personnel Search & Recruitment:
In case of those clients with whom the Firm has a long standing relationship, the Firm's intimate knowledge of the clients needs are best understood by the Firm rather than any outside agency. RD&Co has undertaken personnel recruitments for several well-known organisations.

Services in this area include

  • Sourcing and short-listing candidates
  • Designing and administering recruitment advertisements
  • Maintaining an in-house database of candidates
  • Performing positive and negative searches
  • Conducting interviews
  • Assisting in the documentation and other regulatory work for placements abroad

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